Mini Essay

The articles, “We Are What We See,” and “Good Leaders Never Stop Learning,” both connect to me since one talks about what we learn as children for the values we have and the other about learning leadership. I have learned my values mostly from my mother because she was the one I was closest with as a guardian. She’s taught me that school is an essential to becoming successful, do good in school, stay involved, never forget where I come, be respectful, be truthful. Also to save money and to only get the things you need, not want, and more. I have also been influenced by other people such as teachers and friends. I had a fun childhood with my sisters in Texas; they were the closest “friends” I had so I did not really see any bad attitude in any other children except in school. But whenever I did do any bad attitudes, I would be disciplined for it. Being in the Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps and being in various school band ensembles has greatly taught me about leadership since being in such positions to lead other students to success in the group. I never thought I would be someone who other people look up to, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone earlier than later. Started from the bottom, now I’m here! These intertwine because what I have learned from my mother and my childhood experiences, I have applied those actions throughout my high school years where my true colors, my identity, is shown today in progress.


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