“Sound off who are we? We’re number One!”


The Los Angeles Unified School District All District High School Honor Band has been involved with the Tournament of Roses Parade. “The band brings students from all four corners of our District together for one common goal, to represent LAUSD at a high profile event in the finest manner possible.The All City Band also provides high school students with the opportunity to develop important life skills including teamwork, character development, dedication, and collaboration.” I first found out about All-City Band in the middle of eleventh grade and wanted to participate my senior year. I was going for drumline so I had to audition. On audition day, I was very nervous but had confidence I passed. A few days later, I saw my name on the list they posted who had made it. I was very ecstatic! Then came Saturday practices until winter break which would be everyday, except Christmas Eve and Christmas, until the Rose Parade. We performed at California Adventure and Bandfest in Pasadena where they feature the selected bands to participate in the Tournament Of Roses. Finishing the 5.5 mile parade is one of my greatest accomplishments. As well as the 3 mile (extended) Martin Luther King Parade. But it was during practices that shaped me into the musician I am today. The drumline coaches I had were strict and very precise on what they wanted. Of course I was yelled at a couple of times, but I eventually learned the style and technique of the all city band. I also learned from the other students around me, because some were more experienced than me. I applied everything I knew afterwards to concert band and it certainly did have an impact to the entire wind ensemble as well as the drumline for my high school.



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