The Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps was available to me throughout my entire high school career. Their main goal was to make students better citizens. I excelled in that program a lot as being a third generation cadet. It was 10th grade when I was given a leadership position. I was platoon sergeant and was put into the Junior Leadership/Academic Bowl Team that competes nationally. The team consisted of four cadets participating, “The JROTC Leadership Bowl tests Cadets on their knowledge by hands- on and interactive learning.One of the main goals was for us to think outside the box and encourage us to discover and utilize our leadership abilities.” My team and I was able to go to Washington D.C. to compete at the national level. 11th grade year I became co-captain for the JLAB team. We were once again able compete at the national level, but due to budget cuts we were not able to go to Washington D.C. so we continued on-line. I learned a lot from being in this team because it exercised my knowledge, cooperation, team building, and leadership skills that I still apply in class and group work. Various competitions throughout the year also exercised my leadership skills, teaching younger cadets the basics of marching techniques and behavior, and leadership as well. I became the the Public Affairs Officer 11th grade and my last year where I wrote a monthly newsletter of events that happened in our program, I also publicized our program, and communicated with a good deal of people. I also competed to be in the Top Ten All-City Staff which I made as the Deputy Public Affairs Officer (ranked 10) in the LAUSD where I would be a role model to all cadets in the LAUSD and promote the program, and show leadership skills throughout JROTC events my senior year. The JROTC program has taught me well on how to become a leader and a better citizen.


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