Band Geek

As a child, my mother put me into vocal and piano lessons at the age of eight. I had these lessons for three years. I have had three singing recitals, two singing concerts, and three piano recitals as well. At the time, I did not like piano or singing because I wanted to do what I wanted to do: which was have play time. So after three years of lessons, I stopped receiving lessons because I was capable of the basics and could excel on my own. Though I did not do that. I drifted apart from piano and singing until ninth grade where I realized I had a passion for singing and piano.

In ninth grade, I was interested in joining the marching band but I was too shy since I had just started high school. In tenth grade, I had the courage to finally join. Soon enough, I knew I definitely had a passion for music. I learned more and more as months passed by. My coaches and instructor helped me with difficulties, we competed against other high schools which was a new experience for me, and I met friends that I could relate to. Then came the second semester: concert band–greatly different from marching band. I expanded my knowledge around that time as well. In eleventh grade, I basically did the same thing. In twelfth grade, I had became a section leader for the front ensemble for marching band, and the co-section leader of the percussion section for concert band as well which enhanced my leadership and musical skills that I still apply today.


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