Because I am Loved


Me, Nikki, my Mother, & Candice

I live with my mother, two older sisters, and daughter. I was born in the Philippines, moved to Texas to be with my father until I was done with second grade, back to the Philippines where I would begin performing arts school, then to California to continue on with my education in 6th grade up until present day. My mother has always been strict on me since day one, disciplining me whenever I did something wrong then I would never do that misbehaved action again. She always pushed me to do well in school and school work. She always told me if I did good, I would have a better job and I wouldn’t have to struggle as much as she did when she was growing up. She is still my motivation today. Here is a song by Celine Dion called Because You Loved Me dedicated to her.

This song was written for the movie Up Close & Personal and is meant to be soulful. This told the story of the movie of a little girl thanking her father for doing everything and all the support he has given. This is the same for my mother. She still supported me through all the problems we have had, and all the positive events throughout my life. My father recently passed away last year in June. I was not too close with him, but he was a very kind man. My two older sisters have always watched out for me and told me what was wrong and what was right whenever I would tell them I wanted to do something. They stopped me from becoming a delinquent before my mother found out. They have also been my motivation and my best friends because I can talk to them about anything and ask them for advice and it would be positive most of the time.

My two and a half year old daughter is my main happiness in this world. Being a teenage mother and going to school full time is not easy, but I manage. She has taught me better time management skills, I have matured greatly, and most of all responsibility. I was not accepted right away by some people but I have learned that their opinion does not matter to me, I am not the stereotypical teenage parent who drops out of school and becomes a stay-at-home mom and that’s all she does. I have had motivation throughout my entire life and no one can put me down for any reason. 

This song urges people to “make some noise” for what they believe in. This relates to me because I Have stood up for myself many times to people who despise that I have a child at a young age, but yet I am on the road to success.


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